Your company’s phone system just might be your customer’s first experience with your business, so you will want to ensure it's a great one.

Community Telecom understands that when it comes to installing or upgrading a phone system, it can seem daunting or even out of reach for the small business owner. Fears about costs, downtime and disruption are common when broaching the subject. 

Upgrading or installing a new system will always start with a needs analysis, followed by our recommendations and a quote. Upon the new installation or upgrade of an old system, our Telecom technician provides staff training and education about utilizing the phone's features to better the customer's experience, thus creating the largest return for your investment.

Chances are you don’t know the make and model of your phone, but you definitely know when it’s not working.

When it comes to phone systems, it’s the service that you’ll remember the most. At Community Telecom we understand that every moment your phone system is interrupted, your daily business routine, customer interactions and employee productivity are greatly impacted. We strive to limit any downtime with expedited service, and proactive maintenance. 

Features for a better customer experience.

Call Forwarding or Unified Messaging allows for easy forwarding of calls to your cell phone. Your calls will appear in your email inbox in the form of a .wav file for you to play and listen to at your convenience.

Custom Call Routing allows your customers to reach their desired contact or department efficiently and effectively. This means less time on hold and fewer calls. Simple inquiries about store hours or location are no longer taking up valuable employee time.

Custom On Hold Messaging will allow your company to greet your customers with personalized messages. From seasonal greetings and sales promotions, to social media and contact information, your company is able to highlight important aspects of your business in a matter of seconds. 

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